1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Nomad
305 cid, TH700R4, 2.79:1 10 bolt posi.

This car belongs to both brothers Sverre and Christian. We drive this Chevelle to car shows and other
automotive arrangements. It's ideal for long distance driving, because of a "modern" engine and
overdrive transmission. It's far from perfect, but it's a fun car. Turns lots of heads!


The engine was originally a straight six, with a powerglide transmission connected to it. Now it has a
305 TBI V8, and TH700R4 transmission with lockup, both from a 1987 Chevy Van. Wouldn't call the
engine compartment showroom condition, but it works well. The rear end has a limited slip differential
with 2.79:1 gear ratio, perfect for hours and hours on the highway. Dual exhaust is also installed to
get the right sound.

This party wagon has a few stereo upgrades as well; a Sony CD/mp3 player and a 15" bass booster.
It seats 6 persons and cases upon cases of beer!

This is what the frame looked like when we got the car (hidden underneath aluminum tape and
undercoating). The person welding it together is Christian, and the final result is to the right.



Video from shortly after we bought this car

Video of welding the frame

Video of startup without exhaust

Video of startup with "Super Turbo" mufflers