1975 Chevrolet Nova "Bruno"

Bruno as purchased:
Drivetrain: 250cid inline six, TH350 automatic transmission, 8.5" 10bolt rear axle.
Suspension: All stock (rotten bushings), manual steering, no sway bars. Stock wheels and hub caps.
Brakes: All stock, manual 11" disc front, 9.5" drum rear
Accessories/options: Manual windows and -door locks. Stock bucket seats, no console. 2-door.

This car has only 30.500miles on it since 1975, driven very little in the winter, and is in very good condition. It's in desperate need of a V8 engine, as well as a manual transmission, and general improvement of the performance in every way. The car got it's name because "brun" in norwegian means brown, and since the paint is more or less flawless, it'll keep the color for some years ahead. After all - It's a "Disco-Nova"! (Look out for a disco-ball in the rear view mirror)


Other plans for Bruno:
Everything is on hold, because of the problem below:

An application was sent to the norwegian automotive authorities, asking for permission to convert to a LS1/T56 combo. The reply was something along the lines of "No fucking way in hell are we going to approve of that drivetrain", so now I'm thinking of just dropping in a slow 350cid to get it approved with a V8. Then later replace it with a crate engine of some sort, and a converter with higher stall speed, and just have some fun with it...

Things purchased for the car:
-Universal aluminum radiator, 2x1" rows, 27" wide. Got to replace the small 250cid unit anyway...
-Subframe connectors - from Chassis Engineering