Parts and stuff

For sale:

For Opel Rekord D/Commodore B ('72-'77): Rear shock absorbers, parking brake cables (drum brakes), rear brake shoes (for 230MM drums).

For Opel Rekord E1/early E2 ('78-~'83): Bushings at rear axle, lower. (large, mounted on the axle, not control arms)

For Opel Rekord E2 ('85-'86), with 2.2i engine: Rear brake cylinders, 7/8" / 22MM, also fits lots of other RWD Opels.

For Opel 1.8L/2.0L 8valve OHC engines: Lots of parts, like; Clutch kit, gasket set, ignition wires, rotor&cap, spark plugs, oil pump cogs&cover, water pump, timing belt, coolant temp. sensor, thermostat, etc.

2 x Outer tierod for '65-'68 Impala/Caprice/Biscayne/Bel Air, '67-'70 C10/C1500 pickup/blazer/suburban, '67-'70 G10/G1500 van. (Equals Moog ES350L, AcDelco 45A0045, GM 88909879)   Picture

Various cylinderheads from 4.3L TBI/CPI V6's, VIN Z/W.

Front end bodyparts for '78-'80 Malibu.


4-point safety harness

T5 5 speed manual transmission, complete with shifter, clutch-hydraulics, bellhousing, etc

Muncie/Saginaw 4 speed manual transmission, more or less complete


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