Body plans:

Rust repairs are needed - lots of it, like all four doors, driverside rocker, windowframes, etc. I lucked out and got a complete '78 front end, along with both passengerside doors, so now the hunt for two driversside doors is on. If you wonder why, well...

Weight loss:
Other weight loss from the car will include (but not be limited to) gutting the rear doors and removing the window mechanism, the bulky heater will be removed completely and replaced with the smallest heater I can find at the wreckingyards, no stereo, gutted dash while trying to keep a somewhat stock appearance, NO sound insulation, removing as much as possible of everything - everywhere, convert to manual brakes, remove the inner structure of the hood and trunk and loose the springs, replacing the heavy power seats with lighter bucket seats, plastic rear windows, gutting the steel bumpers, etc... The energy absorbing shocks between the bumpers and the frame will be replaced with brackets of steel/aluminum. The trailer-hitch was removed at location when purchasing the car. The battery will be placed in the trunk for weight distribution and to unclutter the engine compartment, and a firewall made of aluminum sheet will seal the trunk from the passenger compartment.

The fat chrome trim along the bottom of the body, as well as the remaining wheelwell trim is removed completely. As is the hood ornament. I'll remove the drip rails as well, the chrome is already gone. The rest of the chrome will stay, some of it painted black. All emblems are removed. A 1.5" fibreglass cowl induction scoop will hopefully be fitted on the stock hood in a somewhat tasteful fashion... The bumpers will be tucked ~1.5" closer to the body at the front, and ~1" at the rear. The rear doors will have the small window pillars removed, and get a one piece plastic window.

It will stay mostly stock appearing in 70's tan, but without any sound insulation or stereo. I have some bucket seats from an 80's Firebird, a Summit tach, a Proform shift-light, and the dash might otherwise be spiced with some gauges and idiot lights. I hope to integrate the tach into the stock instrument panel, and to hide the shift-light somewhere.

I'm playing with the thought of a fabricated aluminum rear spoiler on the car. I think it would look nice on the trunk, and maybe something similar under the front bumper. I want the car to have a "racy" look or attitude - Low, dark and mean!


In progress...