My 1977 Chevrolet Caprice - "Poopy"

It's driveable at the moment, but really slow. It has a temporary 305HO V8 and a TH350 automatic, and the stock 8.5" 10-bolt posi in the rear.

I willingly admit it, I must be crazy... It's supposed to become a fun to drive beater in the summer months, and double as a test-bed for engines/transmissions/suspension parts, while still surviving the occasional trip to the dragstrip or roadcourse. I think it deserves the silly name because it's brown, and it's a piece of shit! It'll get a coat of paint later, I'll have to see about the name then... All I can say to actually defend myself is that it was cheap.

I'll try to take some weight out of the car where possible, convert it to stick shift, then throw a lot of circle track/street stock parts on it. More spesific information is in the menu on the left.

Some pictures of the clunker: